Exit Zero

Lying awake in Room 228,
I hear a voice outside.

It is the voice of the ocean,
howling in the night,
whitecaps dress her in mystery.

In the morning, I am delighted to find,
She is clothed in a calm blueish green.

A freighter on the horizon,
destination unknown,
Singapore, Busan, Yingkou, Piraues, Barcelona?

Exotic shores, with campfires on beaches, 
ancient smoke drifting up to the Heavens.

Dusk arrives, Her temper changes,
A storm comes, and Fury is her name.
All I can do is seek shelter from her wailing.

I leave reluctantly,
I had been away too long from Her majesty.

Now, I lie awake at home, thinking...
She was waiting all this time, She is now waiting for my return,
She is eternal and has refreshed me, I am again alive.

*******I love personification in writing. Stephen King does it wonderfully. My short time at Cape May was refreshing. To be able to hear the voice of the ocean again, brought happiness to my heart.

My view from Room 228

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