I was raised in the stacks of the Dauphin County Public Library where a pack of Liberians taught me the ancient ways of the Dewey Decimal System. Many wonderful hours were spent there and places like it.

Harriet the Spy was the book that changed my world.  I love that she had adventures and wrote down what she observed.  This seemed important to me, so I started a journal and my writing career began.

Writers are my heroes. From Stan Lee to Stephen King, I love the written language. A clever phrase, a pun, a good metaphor; makes me happy.  Words are magical –  they have meaning.

I love all the genres.  From comic strips, songs, to literary masterpieces all I ask is that they entertain and educate me.

I love the tools of the writing trade. I can create anytime and anywhere with just a pencil and paper. I marvel at how easy the laptop makes writing and how many more places there are to publish.

I love the power places associated with writing. Libraries make me giddy, a Staples can make me feel faint, and to visit a writer’s home or a specific place associated with a writer or a book I have read makes me euphoric.

I love being with a tribe of writers. Only they understand the amount of energy it takes to create 1500 words.

If you have read any of my stuff, then thank you .  I do it because I don’t have a choice. Like Homer hearing the Sirens call, I am lured and ensnared by the blank page and the click of the pen, it’s my calling and I answered it.