“You always were a cunning linguist, James.” – Happy Birthday Mr. Bond

A big week when I was growing up, was when the Sunday night Movie of the Week was a James Bond Movie. It felt forbidden and taboo to see this savvy grown man navigate the world of women, gambling, and violence. Facing danger with his Walther PPK and a pithy one liner. Of course, the … More “You always were a cunning linguist, James.” – Happy Birthday Mr. Bond

Bring on 2022

I am so excited for 2022 that I decided to start my 2022 writing goals now. Write 1,000,000 words. Submit 100 times (Queries). Publish 10 stories on Amazon Kindle. “It is not the critic who counts. Nor the man who points how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done … More Bring on 2022

Great Sentences #1

As a writer, I am always thinking about words, and how they go together. And as a writer who uses Kindle, I am always fascinated to see when my fellow readers highlight a passage that I also think is great. I am not talking about the catch phrases or one-liners that we are all familiar … More Great Sentences #1

Exit Zero

Lying awake in Room 228, I hear a voice outside. It is the voice of the ocean, howling in the night, whitecaps dress her in mystery. In the morning, I am delighted to find, She is clothed in a calm blueish green. A freighter on the horizon, destination unknown, Singapore, Busan, Yingkou, Piraues, Barcelona? Exotic … More Exit Zero

My Mt. Rushmore

Here are the four writers whose faces I would chisel into the granite of Mt. Rushmore. When I pondered this list I see that all four men have qualities that I like and want to have as a writer. Perseverance: Rejection wasn’t a barrier but an obstacle to overcome and move forward. Prolific: All these … More My Mt. Rushmore

Poetry: In the footsteps of London, L’amour, and King

A finer education one could not have got, Than to read the tales from this manly lot. John Thorton and his canine Buck, Martin Eden who in the end ran out of luck. Baring fangs, flights and fights, London told of the North, and those who lived afar.   Strapping on six shooters, rounding up … More Poetry: In the footsteps of London, L’amour, and King

Poetry and a guy named Joe

I  use to write poetry. I like it. Tight verses, powerful words, with punction to fence it in, I need to write more poetry. ————————————————————————————————————————————– Today, I learned that a member of my writing group passed away because of this virus. I only really knew Joe from his writing and the few interactions that I … More Poetry and a guy named Joe

It’s Jerry Seinfeld

Every writer should watch the Jerry Seinfeld documentary, The Comedian. The film takes place after Jerry’s hit show Seinfeld went off the air. Jerry decides to retire all his old material and create a new stand up routine. The documentary though isn’t just about Seinfeld but also shows the rise of an up and comer … More It’s Jerry Seinfeld