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In 2015, I had just joined the Fredrickson Writer’s Group and was feeling down. Everyone in the group was better than I was. I desperately needed a morale booster so I wrote a letter to Writer’s Digest which they did publish. I was so excited. I took it in to share with the group and received a smattering of applause. It was a small victory but one I needed. Flash forward to 2019 and I am doing non-fiction writing for the Harrisburg Magazine. As I was eating my PBJ and turned to page 38 I saw my letter being used as an example by Mr. Zachary Petit. It was a thrill. As exciting as getting my first check for writing. I didn’t know it was in there, to have the same piece help me out twice was beautiful. I love the writing life. Great book.

I also do book reviews for Horror which has been voted numerous times by Writer’s Digest as a top 100 website.

Article about tricks of the craft published on Horror  
Awesome to be in a small part associated with the Star Wars Universe.