My Mt. Rushmore

Here are the four writers whose faces I would chisel into the granite of Mt. Rushmore. When I pondered this list I see that all four men have qualities that I like and want to have as a writer.

Perseverance: Rejection wasn’t a barrier but an obstacle to overcome and move forward.

Prolific: All these guys have a huge amount of work produced.

Hard worker: They showed up everyday to write. Some of them had battle with addictions but the majority of it is that writing is a job that only gets down by writing. Not waiting around for inspiration to strike.

Diverse: They can write in other genres then what they are known for.

Drum roll please…

Stan Lee: I still marvel at how future thinking Stan Lee was. Multi-verses, space travel, armored men, it finally seems like we are catching up with his imagination. His books entertain me to no end.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: His Sherlock Holmes reads as smooth as it did in the 1899. Doyle left behind a wealth of literature that is still being poured over to this day. Good job, Sir.

Louis Lamour: The man was a master of setting and good vs evil. Lots of great wisdom in those novels for any young man to grow on. I would ride the range with the characters he created.

Stephen King: Another prolific author. I loved his column in the back of Entertainment Weekly. What hasn’t this guy done? Another master of setting. If I have to stop reading one of his books it feels like getting sucked out of that reality and back into my own. That is a gift. His love of language, punctuation and grammar thrills me like a giddy school girl.

One thought on “My Mt. Rushmore

  1. Fantastic post Warren! My son just got into the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov who wrote and edited over 500 books! I get really inspired when I read posts like this.


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