Charles M. Schulz – Happy Birthday

Stan Lee was the first writer to have an impact on me with his scripting of Amazing Spider-Man. But Charles M. Schulz was the second writer to rock my world. I read and re-read every Peanuts book in our school library. The great thing about his writing is he doesn’t write down to anybody. There are Peanut strips that are heart breaking, philosophical, and comical and years later when I re-read them I still think deeply on the subjects that he explored. The cast of characters are fantastic and who doesn’t have a Lucy in their life.

I use to own a white Peanuts book that was 8×14 that had his best comics but also explained how he made the daily comic strips along with sketches and his earlies work. Somewhere along the line I lost that book, but his address was in the book. I wrote to him. When that letter came in the mail I was so excited. Schulz sent a list of books I should read and a picture of the Peanuts gang which I have treasured all these years. For a ten year old boy that was pretty cool.

In 2012 my brother and I knocked visiting the Charles Schulz museum off my bucket list. That was a very happy day for me.

I wish I could afford to get the complete hardbound set of comic strips that was done a few years ago. They are a lot of money.

A great artist and writer. Kudos to you sir.

schulzsnoopy typing

It was a dark, and stormy night…



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