This is my pen…Happy Birthday Marines

As a writer, I love sub-cultures that have their own lingo and a rich history to pull from. Today, marks the Marine Corps 244th birthday and few organization have the richness of vocabulary terms as these fine folks. Whopper Jr., Oscar Mike, Lock and loaded, Devildog, Jarhead, Outstanding, I’ve got your six are just a few of the colorful terms you would hear around a Marine. So hear is my writers twist on the Marine Corps Rifleman’s Creed. (Read aloud and forcefully like a good Marine would)


This is my pen.

There are many like this, but this one is mine.

It is my life.

My pen without me is useless, without my pen I am useless.

My pen brings joy into my life.

I must write every day.

I must edit all my work.

I must finish what my pen starts, and I must submit my work.

My pen and I know that what counts in this life is not the rejections we receive, but the ink that we spill.

My pen improves my life.

It strengthens my mind, my body and my soul.

I will master the craft of storytelling.

Grammar, prose and punctuation, they are my bullets and bombs.

I will keep my pen near and ready, so I can write anytime and at anyplace.

Writing is my calling.

My pen and I are here to entertain and educate.

My pen lets me truly live.

Free to explore the frontiers of my mind and God’s world.

This is Penshido.

Ooh Rah!

Ready: Join U.S. Marines





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