Stop to smell the roses

Last night, as I was eating my Cubano sandwich and drinking beer, I gazed down the table and a revelation hit me. This is what I have been working to achieve the last few years. Here I was having dinner with fellow writers. People who love the craft as much as I do. People who love to read books as much as I do. People who see the world as I do. Writers who have read my writing and think it is good. It was a coming to Jesus moment. I wanted to shout and leap into the air, but wisely didn’t. I am glad I recognized the moment and could sit there and soak it in. For me being a writer is a way of life. When I am deep into the craft that is when I feel the most alive. I am glad I took the time to smell the roses. That is what this website is about: celebrating the writing life

(Mike, KC, Jenni, Andrea, Fred, Carol, Cathy, Jack, Jess)



writers group 10.29.2019

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