Saddle up cowboy, it’s time to ride

Happy birthday to one of my favorite writers —  Louis Lamour.  Whose book of the month club during my twenties was an expense I could hardly afford but was worth every dime. His love of the language, history, and good story telling impacts me to this day.

His memoir Education of a Wandering Man is in my top ten. His love of reading is inspirational. A great book for writers.

And for the night in Puerto Rico when everyone wanted to go to dinner and I wanted to finish reading the Iron Marshall.

“For I wanted a life wider and deeper then my own Breton shores could offer. To make my way in a larger world, to see more, to learn more, to be more. This was my dream.” – Walking Drum

“If a man is to vanish from the earth, let him vanish in the moment of creation, when he is creating something new, opening a path to the tomorrow he may never see. It is man’s nature to reach out, to grasp for the tangible on the way to the intangible.” – The Lonesome Gods

“He put his hand on my shoulder and told me that in the world were two kinds of people, those who wish and those who will, and the world and its goods will always belong to those who will.” – The Warrior’s Path

Thanks for the words.


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