Happy Birthday, Mr. King

No doubt about it, Mr. Stephen King is my favorite living author.

Not because I like being  scared, but because he is an excellent writer. Few writers can create a setting and a tone that is so engrossing as being in Derry or a Pa. police barracks (From a Buick Eight), a penitentiary (Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption / Green Mile).  Stephen King describes it as telepathy with the reader and he is correct.

The other thing that I greatly admire is his dedication to his craft.  Often two books a year, his willingness to publish in any venue from smut to kindle to comic books to poetry to the back of Entertainment Weekly he is producing work.  A lot of work!

On my bucket list is to spend an hour with Mr. King, drinking a coke and talking about the craft. That would be magical.

Happy Birthday, Mr. King and I hope you have a hundred more.



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