Rule #1 Embracing the life

Rule #1 in whatever you do is to embrace it.  Over the years as a restaurant manager I have watched as people crash and burn because they could not embrace the life of hospitality work. Weekends, holidays, long hours, disgusting jobs, customers and their co-workers became stumbling blocks and they crashed and burned.

Both my nephews have stressful jobs.  The one is a high school football coach and the other is in the Marines.  The only way they can do their jobs is they embraced them. When I speak with them they each have their own vocabulary that they use and you can hear the passion in their voices. They have embraced who they are suppose to be at this moment.

I know this goes for all things.  Being a Christian, a husband, a teacher, doctor, and even a dishwasher once you embrace it everything becomes easier.

As I decided I want to be a writer, I must embrace all the things about writing. Writing, editing, speaking engagements, rejection slips, grammar and punctuation errors, start up cost, revisions, criticism, haters, all out there waiting to crush me.

But it is hard to be crushed if you are hugging it back.

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